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Pendragon is the game of King Arthur. It brings the extraordinary world of Arthurian chivalry, magic, and romance to life, with you playing one of the knights of the realm. Your start off small, but through actions, intelligence, and luck, you have a chance to join the Round Table. As time passes, your knightmay establish a famous family and participate in the wondrous events of the most famous king of fiction.

This is a game of medieval fantasy, played using feudal standards and offering a chance to experience vicariously that long-lost world, in both its brutal reality and its fantastic idealism. Every player character is a knight, thus having both the privileges of elite society and also the risky, often deadly responsibilities. These dichotomies – brutal reality versus idealism, elite privilege versus deadly burden – are the basis for the game.

Pendragon is a game for knights. It is not about magicians, thieves, or scholars…....

....Between the kingoms of men lie the mythical domains of Faerie – great dark woods and bbright shining fields unexplored by human foot or thought. Entire kingoms of immortals lie both beyond and within Arthur’s realm. Their cities and castles appear and vanish like mist. Their magical residents, such as the Green Knight, often visit the world of men. In turn, bold human questers sometimes enter the Faerie realm to seek the greatest of adventures….

...The object of the game is to acquire Glory. Everything a character does that is knightly helps to acquire Glory…through combat, chivalrous behavior, religious behavior, familial obligations, possessions and riches, and social position.

....Warning: The game is potentially deadly to your player knights. Their job is one of combat, and the game is designed to be dangerous, not easy on them. Characters need to be careful!....But ther is a solution to this mortality – a family. One of the concerns of the game is to raise a family. Thus, when your character retires from play, either through death or old age, the all his possessions go to his heir, the next character you will play. The coat of arms, horse, manor, and family name live on!

- excerpts from King Arthur Pendragon, 5th Edition Introduction

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